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BlackBerry Database Content January 28, 2010

Posted by nanosif in BlackBerry.

Database Functionality
Address Book                   : Stores the contents of the Address Book.
Address Book Options  : Stores Address Book settings.
Alarm Options                 :  Stores the settings for the Alarm program.
Attachment Data            : Stores attachments that have been viewed on the smartphone.
Attachment Options     : Stores user-defined settings for the Attachment Viewer.
AutoText                           : Contains the dictionary for automatic substitution of commonly misspelled words while you type. For example, adn > and.
Browser Bookmarks      : Contains the bookmarks for web pages in the Browser application.

Browser Channels           : Lists the channels the Browser is subscribed to. For example, weather updates.
Browser Data                     : Cache Holds cached data from the Browser.
Browser Folders              : Allows sorting bookmarks into various folders.
Browser Options             : Contains Browser setting information.
Browser Push Options  :  Contains push content settings for the BlackBerry Browser.
Browser URLs                  : Contains a list of the URLs that have been typed into the Browser on the smartphone.
Calendar Stores the contents of the Calendar.
Calendar Options            :  Stores Calendar settings.
Categories                          :  Allows you to sort various Addresses, Appointments, Tasks and Memos by category.
Content Store                   :  Contains pictures and other media content stored on the smartphone.
Default Service Selector : Stores the custom word list on the 7100 series smartphones.
Defines the default message service.
Email Filters                     : Holds the settings for filters applied to incoming messages to the smartphone.
Email Settings                  : Defines the way messages are sent and received on the smartphone.
Firewall Options Enables or disables the firewall.
Folder Id                            : determines which folder a message is filed to.
Folders                                : Lists the user-created folders in the Inbox.
Handheld Agent              : Contains diagnostic information about the smartphone.
Handheld Key Store Securely   :  stores encryption keys for encrypted communication and signing.
Key Store Options          : Configures options for the Handheld Key Store
MemoPad Options         : Stores MemoPad settings.
Memos                                : Contains the memos stored on the smartphone.
Message List Options    : Defines the way Messages are displayed in the Messages application.
Messages                            : Contains all the messages on the smartphone.
Options                               : Stores miscellaneous configuration options.
Phone Call                         : Logs Logs phone calls made to and from the smartphone.
Phone Hotlist                   : Stores the list of phone numbers on the smartphone.
Phone Options                 : Stores Phone settings
Policy                                  : Stores the IT Policy for the smartphone.
Profiles                               : Contains the various smartphone alerts. For example, a vibration for a new calendar appointment, or a tone when a new message arrives.
Profiles Options              : Selects the current profile for smartphone alerts.
Purged Messages           :  Contains a reference for messages deleted from the smartphone.
Quick Contacts                : Stores telephone numbers in the Speed Dial list.
Random Pool                  : Stores numbers to securely generate random numbers for encryption.
Recipient Cache            : Contains encryption profiles for the people you communicate with.
Ribbon Bar Positions   : Sets the sequence of icons for the home screen of the smartphone.
RMS Databases              : Stores information about registered applications.
Service Book                  : Stores all the service books that allow the smartphone to access various services.
SMS Messages                : Contains Short Message System (SMS) messages sent to and from the smartphone.
Tasks                                  : Lists the Task items on the smartphone.
TLS Options                    :  Configures Transport Layer Security settings.
Trusted Key                    : Store Contains the Trusted Keys for the smartphone.
WAP Push Messages    : Contains information from Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) push services.
WTLS Options                 : Contains settings for Wireless Transport Layer Security.



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